Economic Inquiry – Micro

31 Jan

This is the summative assessment for all things Economic, which will focus on microeconomics.

You will create a inquiry based on your personal interests, microeconomics and the school, your family, your community, or yourself.

Click here for step by step instructions.

Due dates are negotiable, as different inquiries will need different time allotments. We will discuss these in class.

Assessment Criteria:

Criterion A: knowledge
In your inquiry, you will have 1-2 key economic concepts, but the rest of your assignment should be filled with economic terms as well.

Criterion B: concepts
I will be looking at how well you connect and apply your 1-2 economic concepts to the data and the question.

Criterion C: skills
We will be focusing on investigative skills. Each band of investigative skills is explained in the link above. Analysis skills do play a small part in investigative skills.

Criterion D: organization and presentation
You will be writing a written report, which is also detailed in the link above.

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