MacroEconomics Summative Assignment

23 Jan

In this summative assessment, you will be inquiring into a specific location and issue that you would like to investigate further using the macroeconomic terms that we have been learning.

Step #1: Choose a country

Step #2:  Create a question

Things to keep in mind when are creating a question:

  1. Not too vague
  2. Not too easy to answer
  3. Not too broad
  4. Answerable – there is data and you understand it
  5. Need to use monetary and social indicators in your answer
  6. Can be answered with 500-750 words

Step #3:

Create your answer to the question with qualitative and quantitative data, along with analysis and visuals. In addition, look at the stakeholders related to the question.

Step #4:

Upload the report directly in your blog, attached as a word or pdf file by 10 pm on Sunday, January 29th.

Step #5:

Self Assess using all 4 criteria.

Criterion A
Look at the terminology. Do you use the economic terms from the Macro Section? Use economic terms from outside Macro Section in order to show a wide range of terminology.

Criterion B
Look at connecting the major concepts. Can you connect your data and knowledge to the economic terms: MEDC and LEDC?

Criterion C
Look at Analysis. Can you connect your data to your assertions with extensive detail?
Look at Investigation.  How good is your investigation? Do you answer your question, Do you look at the right data to answer your question?

Criterion D
Organization and Presentation
Look at the writing and visuals in your final report. Is the English clear and concise with few or no errors. Is all information relevant? Do you correctly and consistently document your sources?

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