Part 3: Is College Worth It?

26 Sep

Part 3:

You will create a report that answers the question: Is College Worth It?

You need to connect your answer to:

  1. all four components of economic thinking.
  2. some of the 12 articles about college.
  3. analysis of the colleges that you have chosen to evaluate
You will be assessed on all Criteria:
Criterion A: The terminology, facts, examples and explanations must be fully developed.
Criterion B: You must connect to the concept of economic system seen by the 4 components.
Criterion C: You must use information from the articles I have provided, but you must also find information about your chosen universities from other sources. The argument that you make: Yes or No, but be fully supported.
Criterion D: The information you present must be relevant, effectively communicated and have visuals when necessary. All sources must be cited using APA citation.
Target Audience:  your parents.
Target Word Count: 1000

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