Day 6: National Geographic Summit Trip

24 Mar

This morning started off with a fabulous breakfast.  Then we jumped in a bus and headed to visit the British School of Washington, which is an international school here in DC.  The students were paired with grade 7 students, and they got to know each other a bit before we went to a Comic Relief fundraiser put on by the students.  It was hilarious.  Then we were off to a year 4/5 classroom, and the students (ours and theirs) helped the little ones make paper cranes to send to Japan.  Then both groups watched an Indian dance performance, and, afterward, they tried their hand at dancing.  The visit ended with the kids eating lunch together.  The kids exchanged names so that they could friend each other on facebook.

After lunch we headed to Mount Vernon, which is not an actual mountain, but the home of George Washington, the first president of the United States.  The kids were able to tour the house and grounds, which were both impressive. I think their favorite part of Mount Vernon was probably the sheep given their squeals, giggles, and imitation sheep sounds.

After Mount Vernon we headed to Alexandria, and after dinner, we went on a tour of Alexandria, which focused on ghost stories.  The tour was very good with many squeals of terror and disbelief.  We ended the tour in a cemetery, and the wind was picking up.  As we were walking back to the bus, the sky opened up and dumped rain on us. We soon met up with the bus and headed back to the hotel earlier than we’ve arrived this entire week.

Here are the photos from today.

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  1. Ryuichi Ishikawa says:

    From what I read, the students had a relaxing day on Day 6.
    The students at the BS all look lovely, and a trip to Mount Vernon looks interesting!
    Hope the students were not soaked; but wasn’t it a perfect ending to the visit to the ghost town?
    Shame they only have two days left!

  2. michelle tan says:

    Sounds like you have been very lucky with the weather this week… always an added bonus! Stay safe.

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