Day 3: National Geographic Summit Trip

21 Mar

This morning, bright and early, we headed to University of Maryland where we did the ropes course with Mike Doyle as our guide.  We learned how to do a proper American handshake, and then we learned three variants: milk the cow, lumberjack, and the fish.  I think everyone’s favorite was milk the cow because people did it over and over again for the rest of the day. Then we played Maryland baseball, which is essentially a game where you chase the ball or run around each other.  It was VERY cold, so the physical exertion greatly helped us.  Then we jumped rope, and we had to get everyone to jump through the rope without getting caught in the rope.  We did it!  Next the kids without adult help tried to get themselves onto a large wooden platformed that sat on a fulcrum and rocked back and forth.  Lastly, we all went up the climbing tower, some further than others.  I am happy to say that everyone tried it.

Next we went National Air and Space Museum, and we saw the IMAX 3-D movie about the Hubble telescope.  Most of us were so jet-lagged that we only saw a part of the movie.  Either way it was an incredible video.  Then we broke into 4 groups, and each group investigated a different part of aviation history and the role that pioneers played during that time. The kids went in search of more information on the early years of flying, jets, military planes, and space.

Then we went to the White House where the kids used their water bottles and slips of paper to put together a time line of the White House.  Then we took a walk around the White House and saw the presidential garden.  Many people thought that the White House and the garden were smaller than they imagined, but both were still impressive.

Lastly we worked with Jes Therkelsen, a National Geographic Photographer and Documentary Film Maker, who helped the students with their first assignment with National Geographic.  The students were tasked with putting a pitch together for a National Geographic magazine article about the seen and unseen monuments.  In addition, they had tell the of title of their article, the first sentence of their article and take a picture that showed their article.  They did this activity at the Lincoln Memorial, and there were lots of great ideas and interpretations.

Then we went to the Jefferson Memorial where the kids had to compare that monument with the Lincoln Memorial. Jes talked to the kids about how they should be trying to capture the space.  He also brought up the fact that they SHOULDN’T be taking a picture so they can remember something, but to see something in a new way.

Here are the photos from the day. The photos from this day are not in order.

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  1. Ryuichi Ishikawa says:

    Thanks for the detailed account of Day 3 and lots of photos! Great to know that the students are having a nice time there.
    Looks like it was a very good combination of exercise, rest, and learning opportunities.
    Shame President Obama was not there to greet the group!

  2. Jill Fukae says:

    Looks like great fun-I am jealous!
    Joanna’s Grandma and Grandpa from California are enjoying the updates as well-they have even contributed comments.
    Keep up with the fun-filled activities!

  3. Kaeko says:

    Glad to see everyone’s smile.
    It looks like very warm and sunny.
    Enjoy the activities!

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