Day 2: National Geographic Summit Trip

20 Mar

After a few hours of sleep at the Best Western in San Francisco, the group awoke and grabbed a shuttle and a taxi to make their 6:15am flight to Chicago.  The flight was fantastic because it was so uneventful, and it was even early.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat at the airport and jumped on the last leg of the trip. We finally arrived at Dulles airport!  Maggie and Patrick met us there, and we began our trip to DC.

We headed to the hotel, which is a cute little boutique hotel in Dupont Circle.  Then we changed after wearing the same clothes for 2 days (except for Justin who had brought a change of clothes in his carry on).  Then we headed for dinner at an Indian restaurant.  After some food, we headed to our first activity at the Washington Monument.

At the monument, we each received an index card, and we had to write three things on it: a word that described our journey, a sound that described our journey, and, finally, the thing we were looking forward to most during the trip.  We then used this information to create a musical number that expressed our experiences so far.

Here are the two groups sharing their creations.  They are dark, but you can hear our creations.



This was a great activity because the kids were able to get rid of the long and difficult journey and enjoy themselves.

Here are the full set of photos from the day.

5 Responses

  1. Ryuichi Ishikawa says:

    The cherry trees in full bloom! Must be warmer there.
    I like the “jumping kids” photos, but they’re a bit blurry…
    Hope you guys will have a terrific week there.
    Is that tall guy Patrick?

  2. admin says:

    Yes, the tall guy is Patrick!

    It is warmer here during the day, but during the night, it is very cold. Isn’t the foliage gorgeous?

  3. Jill says:

    I am SO glad you all made it safely. Looks like the first day was fun. Enjoy the week-we will look forward to hearing about all the exciting events everyday!

  4. Ryuichi Ishikawa says:

    Okay, say hi to Patrick!

  5. michelle tan says:

    Main thing is you made it safely. Sounds like everyone is having fun. Take care.

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