Day 1: National Geographic Summit Trip

19 Mar

Our trip started out like any other, a ride on the bus and lines at the airport.  Then things started to get crazy.  There was bad turbulence on the flight that made everyone a little queasy.  Then we were put in a holding pattern outside of San Francisco due to a TORNADO WARNING and a bad storm in the Bay Area.  Then a person (right behind some of our group) got very sick on the flight, and they had to call for a doctor.  We landed safely, but very, very late.

All of these things worked against us and our 1.5 hour connection time in San Francisco.  In other words – we missed our flight from San Francisco to Washington Dulles, but our bags made it.  We then waited 6 hours for a solution to our situation.  We are on the 6am flight from San Francisco to Chicago, and then we catch the next connection to Dulles.  We should arrive 4:30pm on Saturday, Eastern Time.

The kids were fantastic and patient the whole day long –  even when we were randomly (ahem) selected for multiple screenings, required to dump our water out after an overnight Trans-Pacific flight, and required to take off our shoes and sweatshirt during a security screening.  We finally made it to a very nice Best Western for the night, and we had a delicious meal served by lovely people.  I cannot say enough about how great everyone was today, in particular United.

Here are some photos from today of the kids asleep on the plane and waiting in the airport.  I also took a picture of the toothbrushes the hotel gave us with toothpaste already on it.

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  1. Ryuichi Ishikawa says:

    Thanks for the post!
    Great to know that you guys have finally made it to the desination. Sounds like things will only get better from now on.
    Hope the kids are not too tired to do wall climbing!

  2. Jill says:

    Glad you made it safely to SF and look forward to more after your arrival in DC!

  3. Marilyn says:

    We are waiting for the group hee in DC. The ropes course and canoeing are off because they will not get to the hotel until at 6pm or later local time (7 am Sunday in Japan). We will try to work one of those two activities into the program later in the week.

  4. Marilyn says:

    The schedule has been changed — we will do the Ropes course Sunday morning instead of Eastern Market.

  5. Kaeko says:

    Thank you for the photoes, and nice to hear from you.
    Please take good rest and enjoy the week.

  6. Marilyn says:

    THEY MADE IT !!!!! Everyone is at the hotel and changing clothes. Then we are off to dinner and down to Washington Monument. Everyone looks great and they have very positive attitudes.

  7. G & G says:

    Dear Joanna and friends!
    You are having a WONDERFUL time, aren’t you?
    LUCKY kids you are!!!
    We’re jealous …………………… G & G

  8. G & G says:

    Dear Joanna and friends,

    You look like a HAPPY GROUP, enjoying every day.
    You are LUCKY to be where you are, learning something new
    every day …………….
    ENJOY the rest of your trip ………… LOVE from G & G

  9. michelle tan says:

    great to hear you eventually made it ok. take care!

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