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Part 3: Is College Worth It?

26 Sep

Part 3:

You will create a report that answers the question: Is College Worth It?

You need to connect your answer to:

  1. all four components of economic thinking.
  2. some of the 12 articles about college.
  3. analysis of the colleges that you have chosen to evaluate
You will be assessed on all Criteria:
Criterion A: The terminology, facts, examples and explanations must be fully developed.
Criterion B: You must connect to the concept of economic system seen by the 4 components.
Criterion C: You must use information from the articles I have provided, but you must also find information about your chosen universities from other sources. The argument that you make: Yes or No, but be fully supported.
Criterion D: The information you present must be relevant, effectively communicated and have visuals when necessary. All sources must be cited using APA citation.
Target Audience:  your parents.
Target Word Count: 1000

Part 2: Is College Worth It?

21 Sep

You will need to research some universities here or other locations.

Your task is to find 3 universities: one public, one private, and your own favorite.

You need to choose at least three criteria and research each criteria the universities that you chose. **Everyone has to use cost as one of the criteria.

Upload this information to your blog.

Final Assessment of Section 1 of Economics Unit. Is College Worth It?

16 Sep


Group 1:

Article 1

Article 2 

Article 3

Group 2:

Article 4

Article 5

Article 6

Group 3:

Article 7

Article 8

Article 9

Group 4:

Article 10

Article 11

Article 12


1. Create a summaries, a list of the most compelling facts, and the list the opinions of yourself and others in your group for your three assigned articles. (If you have 4 people, there will be 4 opinions.)

2. Publish the information on your blog.

3. Comment on the blogs of at least one student in the 3 other groups after you’ve read their summaries. You can write, “Thank you for your table” in the comment; I just need to know you’ve read the summaries from the other articles.
4. You are responsible for reading ALL 12 articles assigned on your own time to get a better understanding of the issues so that you can answer the question — Is college worth it?
5th period: This is due before you come to class on Thursday, September 22nd. In class on that day, we will discuss the readings and move on to the next step in the Final Assessment of Section 1 of the Economics Unit.

Yuki’s Blog Address

11 Sep

My pages aren’t working right now, so I cannot update Period 2 Blogs with Yuki’s blog address. Until I can get it sorted out, click here to visit Yuki’s blog.

Mr. Lindop’s Class resources

08 Sep



Planning a Dance with the Black Death

08 Sep

1. Write a summary of the activity that we did in class for both activities. For the Black Death, you need to include a summary about the Black Death itself as well as what we did in class.

2. Connect your summaries to the economic concepts (opportunity cost, trade-off, incentives, income, consequences).

3. Define each economic concept.

4. Find a real world example of Component 2-4 of Economic Thinking. Cite the article that you used for your real world example.

5. Write a comment on another person’s blog about one thing that they did well and one thing that could improve.

  • I don’t recommend that you comment on someone’s post that already has a comment
  • Be specific with your comments
  • If you cannot find something they could improve on, write two things they did well.
  • Only comment on your own class.
  • You may tweak your blog post after reading the comment.

6. At the bottom of your post, link to your comment.

Due for both classes on Sunday, September 11th at 10pm, and comment on a person’s blog by Monday, September 12th at 10pm. We’ll do a self-assessment in the next class.

This will be assessed with Criteria A and D. These criteria are located in the Economics Part 1 folder on the class website.

Image can be found here.

APA Citation

05 Sep

Click here for a good online guide for References.

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