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PACED: Box of Chocolates

24 Aug

Here are the instructions for your first blog post.

1. Write a summary of the activity that we did in class.

2. Connect your summary to the economic concepts (choice, allocate, economic reasoning, scarcity, and PACED).

3. Define each economic concept.

4. Find a real world example of PACED. Link to the article that gave you your real world example.

5. Write a comment on another person’s blog about one thing that they did well and one thing that could improve.

  • I don’t recommend that you comment on someone’s post that already has a comment
  • Be specific with your comments
  • If you cannot find something they could improve on, write two things they did well.
  • Only comment on your own class.
  • You may tweak your blog post after reading the comment.
This blog post is due by 10pm on Monday for both 2nd and 5th periods.

Welcome to the 2011-2012 School Year!

17 Aug

This blog is where you find instructions, resources, and current events related to Social Studies 10. I am looking forward to the year ahead.

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