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Ted Talk Videos from Poverty

25 May

Video #1: Hans Rosling shows the best stats you’ve ever seen

Video #2: Hans Rosling’s new insights on poverty

Criteria for Final Exam

25 May

Part 1: Essay
Criterion B

Criterion D

Part 2: DBQ

Criterion C

Part 3: Short Answer

Criterion A

Not two types of countries, 200 types: Poverty Inquiry

24 May

You will choose a country, and then you will tell its story related to poverty.

What does the data tell you, what do primary sources tell you, what are they doing to help lower their poverty on an individual basis or an national basis. You can focus on a national level or a more local level.

You will upload your story using source material to help explain it.  You write up should be between 500-700 words.

You will be assessed using Criterion D.Criterion D

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