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Coastal Geography Inquiry

28 Apr

You will inquire more deeply into a very local case study of your choice related to coastal geography.

Local scale will be smaller than a megacity, and closer to one area or section of the coast line.

You will create a Geography Exam with source materials and three questions.

Your source materials needs to be connected to your questions that you create and will help answer them.

Your 3 questions need to fall into this structure:

Question #1: This question is a very basic.  We are looking for definition, description, etc. of three key terms.

Question #2: This question needs to deal with the importance of the coastal area that you are looking at.

Criterion A will be used to asses Questions 1 and 2.Criterion A

Question #3: This question needs to look at management strategies related to a case study.

Criteria C will be used to assess Question 3.Criterion C

(You will need to have a list of references that shows that you have selected a wide range of sources)

In order to create and answer these questions, you will need to find or make:

1. Maps of your case study.

2. A field sketch or photos.

3. Secondary sources.

Information that you will need:

Here is an example.ExampleofCoastalInquiry

Electric Cars in Amsterdam

25 Apr

Here is a story that talks about Amsterdam’s commitment to Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Global Climate Change and Renewable Energy

22 Apr

Mr. Crespi, Manon’s dad, came into class to talk about what he does.  He works for a company that supplies, different gases such as Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen.  Part of his job is working on creating fuel cell cars that work using electrolysis to create energy to power a vehicle. Thus, creating a zero emission car.

Here is the powerpoint presentation that he gave: presentation h2 ca

Here are Alice’s notes on his presentation: Mr. CrespiNotes

Thanks, Mr. Crespi!  It was an entertaining and informative talk.

Nuclear Effects from the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

07 Apr

I just wanted to share these two articles about how minimal the nuclear effect is.

This one talks about how that Tokyo’s current radiation level is actually less than many other major cities around the world.

This article from NPR talks about how one environmentalist has become Pro-Nuclear because this was a horrible situation, but yet no one has died due to the nuclear meltdown.  He compares this to the deaths associated with coal mining each year.

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