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There is a World Food Shortage?

15 Dec

Find out more about it here, where they break down the situation by food product.

Here is a full series of articles about the last food shortage crisis in 2008.

Boys vs. Girls

15 Dec

Here is a fascinating article about the gender imbalance occurring among the educated in Canada and the United States.  It looks at why men are being left behind.

Thanks for the link, Hao.

BioFuel Technologies

14 Dec

Here is an amazing website about BioFuels.  There are tons of great articles and information here.

Where does all of the trash go?

14 Dec

The largest accumulation of trash is in the Pacific.

However, there is also an accumulation of trash in the Atlantic that despite an increase in trash, the trash island is disappearing.  This is good new for the turtles.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

14 Dec

We talked a bit about the ways to conserve petroleum products in class.  In the past, making engines more fuel efficient has been the trend.  Now cars are being made that use alternative fuels.

Here is an article about hydrogen fuel being supplied to Hawaii because Hawaii’s location make oil expensive and a delay of oil would be very bad for the state.

Here is a link to how fuel cells work.

Conservation Strategies

08 Dec

Here is your chart.


Country Report

01 Dec

Using a country of your choice, find quantitative and qualitative data on its development and factors of production.

1. Choose your country

2. Find statistics on your country using reliable websites like the CIA Factbook or Nation Master or UN data.

3. Chose the statistics that you want to share about your country.  Justify why you chose those.  Explain what those statistics tell about that country’s economic development.

4. Research information about the country’s human, natural, and capital resources and what entrepreneurship is occurring.  Explain what that information tells about the country’s economic development.

Create a Country report showing your data/statistics and  showing their human, natural and capital resources.  In addition, their entrepreneurship.  Along the way you need to show your analysis of their development.  In addition, your country report can be created using any program, but it must be posted on your blog.

This is assessed using Criterion C and D.



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