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Can computers replace teachers?

28 Sep

Here is a great article as well as links to some amazing TED talks about education.

Please have a look here.  It completely blew apart certain assumptions that I held true.

Milennium Development Goals

23 Sep

Hao found this article about the MDGs.  Have a look.

Also, here are two more stories from NPR (National Public Radio) about the UN meeting that is looking at the MDGs. The file should download directly into your itunes.

U.N. Leaders Assess Global Poverty-Reduction Goals

Measuring Progress On Global Development Goals

The Guy Who Traded a Red Paperclip for a House

14 Sep

Read about him here.

Canon sends workers home to have babies

06 Sep

Here is the article about Canon’s attempt to reduce overtime and increase the birthrate in Japan.

China’s massive traffic jam could last for weeks

26 Aug

Mr. Lindop just shared this with me.


Glacier break changes landscape

23 Aug

Mr. Lindop passed this along to me.

It’s a great article about the changing face of the earth.

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