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21 Aug

Balanced is the best word to describe my hopes and dreams as well as who I am as a teacher.

My hope and dream for myself is to find balance in all things.  A balance between family and work.  A balance between fun and obligation.  A balance between what I have to do and what I want to do.

As a teacher, I also look for balance.  I want to push my students to achieve their very best, but I hope to balance that rigor with support and understanding.  I also want to balance the classroom with individual, collaborative and large group activities.  I want to find a balance of computer based work and face-to-face work.  I also want my students to construct their own meaning, but, also, I think that there are things that I need to teach explicitly.

The problem is that the slightest thing that can ruin delicate balance in place, but then you pick up and start again.

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